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    Let’s get your ducks in a row…

    Hello everyone!! My name is Ethan Goodrich and I am the founder of Goodrich Residential here in the best town in the world, Boston, Massachusetts. First off, I have been a New Englander my whole life. I grew up in NH, went to college here, and my family and I will always call it our home (until my wife says we all have to move).

    I knew I was meant to be in Sales, but I probably couldn’t have picked a worse market to get into Real Estate. Starting at this inopportune time, it surprisingly turned out to be an incredible catalyst to my career.

    I started in an environment that was so tight and uncertain, it forced me to expand my creativity in terms of marketing and sales. Great customer service and on-point follow up skills were also imperative as I needed to separate myself from my competitors. I tried to get involved in as many different facets of Real Estate as I could in Boston including leasing, management, short sales, investments, and my specialty- seller and buyer agency.

    After gaining this priceless experience, I hit the ground running and started Goodrich Residential as the President, Principal, and Broker in 2010. First and foremost, my mission was to be a company built on integrity, loyalty and great customer service. Although above all else, I wanted a company excluding your average run-of-the-mill real estate agents. I am very proud of what my team and I have built both for our customers and for ourselves. I personally have conducted over 300 real estate transactions from the inception of the company and the Goodrich team of agents and employees continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

    Despite the market’s peaks and valleys, the demands on the real estate industry will forever require a keen attention to detail, superior customer focus, and a strong local presence. I carry these principles with me everyday and I never falter because they are the words in which my company and livelihood are founded upon.

    I’ve helped a wide variety of clients, from many first time home buyers, investors, to countless parents whom are looking to buy their kids a place while they spend the next 10 years at college in Boston. I am an expert throughout all the neighborhoods in Boston, not only by working in each of them, but also by living in nearly all them throughout my time here.

    If you are in search of a great agent who will talk straight with you, I am certainly up for the task and would love to help!

    Now, let’s get your ducks in a row…

    Ethan Goodrich
    President & Broker
    Goodrich Residential
    55 Causeway St.
    Boston, MA 02114

    Ethan Goodrich

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