Can you get an offer accepted under asking price in Boston?

    Rarely, but the answer is YES.

    The market has been extremely seller-friendly in Boston since 2011. You’ve probably heard all of the horror stories by now (or maybe you’ve lost out on your dream home(s) to higher bids yourself). Buying a home in Boston can make you feel like you are Leo fighting off the bear in the Revenant.  There is one data point that you should be keeping a close eye on if avoiding a bidding war is priority number one and that is days on market (sometimes shown as DOM). Search for properties that have been on market for 10+ days and go see them. Does this limit the number of options? Yes. Does this mean that you are buying something undesirable? No.

    I have seen a few properties sit on market for a number of different reasons the most common being: over-priced, bad pictures, and difficult rental tenants. If you are looking for a below asking deal- days on market will be your best bet, the more the merrier. Go take a look around, you may be pleasantly surprised!

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