Shoulda Just Paid the Broker Fee…

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    With big ideas for a Summer in Boston, my roommate and I began the online search for a place to live. We joined several social media communities and online programs to connect with those who attend school in the city and were looking for subletters. Facebook groups, LinkedIn profiles, craigslist postings and countless e-mail communications resulted in a lot of interesting feedback. Some accounts used their property listings to try to start friendships, and were all too friendly. Whereas others, had no communication skills at all and couldn’t effectively advertise their place. After what seemed to be endless sorting, my friend and I noticed a couple postings. In particular we liked the BU “Summer Housing” Facebook page and began directly communicating with their owners. After three places fell through, for lack of communication/commitment on behalf of the seller, our options were slimming.

    We scanned craigslist once more, and found a nice place where we could live from June-August and began the cycle of communication again, except this time directly with the owner. Although he was slightly hard to understand and get in contact with, we were desperate. After agreeing on prices and dates, we had a place subletting from a Boston University exchange student for the Summer in Brighton. However, the fun didn’t stop here. When we arrived to our place for the first time, it was strangely lived in. Let’s just say the couple we were subletting from thought it would be kind to leave behind all of their bedding for us to use, and even their toothbrushes! Although a great learning experience, I can’t help but to wonder how much smoother the process would have gone had we just paid the broker fee and got a real estate agent to help us in finding what we were looking for…     


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