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    Monday, September 12th

    The Big Mac
    The Big Mac






    The Boston Real Estate Guy’s Sandwich Review

    SOMERVILLE, MA – A block north of Davis Square, Dave’s Fresh Pasta is like the Simone Biles of sandwich shops- she’s absolutely adorable, executes nearly flawlessly, and impossible not to love.

    Dave's Fresh Pasta 81 Holland St, Somerville
    Dave’s Fresh Pasta
    81 Holland St, Somerville

    From the getgo, it’s crystal clear Dave’s prioritizes quality above all else. It’s your quintessential cute sandwich shop and marketplace elevated to a tier above. A 600 sq ft Willy Wonka factory of artisan products, Dave’s presents a delight of meticulously selected and organized local fare. Warning: the mouthwatering Specialty Sandwich board may cause deer-in-a-headlight selection paralysis, so consider asking for a recommendation. This also helps mitigate buyer’s remorse (see The Paradox of Choice).

    Local fare
    Little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous!







    Exquisitely crafted Cuban
    Exquisitely crafted Cuban


    To no surprise, Dave’s delivers a top notch Cuban on focaccia bread. From the delicate love and care the sandwich staff pours into perfectly grilling the panini, to the imported swiss cheese and homemade chipotle aioli, its tough to find a better made sandwich in the city- let alone Davis Square. The element that lifts this Cuban to the top of the podium, though, is the subtle accent of the pickles. Not-overly-acidic, they offer the perfect balance to complement the more intense flavors of its sandwich counterparts. Featuring almost a perfect 50/50 split between freshly sliced ham and well seasoned pork, this south of the border classic hits the spot.

    As with every great, however, comes minor imperfections. Just like the smallest step back will blemish a landing off the balance beam, the smallest amount of excess bread at the end of a sandwich can prevent a perfect score. In the case of this Cuban, the slight over-bulkiness of focaccia was just enough to throw off the meat-to-bread ratio late in the sandwich- right when it needed it most. Though a great effort throughout, Dave’s just couldn’t stick the landing: 9.1.


    Minor "bread break-off"
    Minor “bread break-off”
    Panninis grilled with love
    Panninis grilled with love










    Despite minor deductions, Dave’s Fresh Pasta is still a golden spot in Davis Square, and has vaulted itself into the top tier of sandwiches in all of Boston.

    Biles biting gold at Rio
    Biles biting gold at Rio

    -The Big Mac

    “It’s what’s between the buns.”


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