Top 5 Coffee Shops in Boston

    Finding the perfect home for every individual is the main goal of real estate. Once that home has been discovered, purchased, and moved into, however, it can be a bit hard for people to adjust to a new environment, especially when they have to wake up early for work every day. That is why at Goodrich Residential, we aim to not only find a place for every client to call home, but also make those mornings a little bit better by locating the perfect cup of coffee to kickstart any day. Here are the Top 5 Coffee Shops in Boston:

    5. Equal Exchange Café


    The Equal Exchange Café in Boston stands on a fair-trade platform. This coffee shop sources from small-scale farmers and aims to provide delicious coffee to customers in the most sustainable way possible. The menu includes various types of coffees that are freshly brewed, as well as many unique foods specific to the Equal Exchange Café, varying from pastries to sandwiches and salads. Ultimately, the Equal Exchange Café in Boston has great coffee and food for any buyer.

    The one downside to this coffee shop is that it is quite small, and although it has an outdoor seating area, it is very loud and has poor wi-fi connection for those who wish to work while enjoying a fresh brew in the fresh air.

    4. Thinking Cup in the North End


    The Thinking Cup in Boston’s North End is just steps away from the Boston Common. It’s menu features various coffee creations made from the finest coffee beans from around the world, teas, juices, chai lattes and hot chocolate, breakfast and sandwich food options, and even gluten-free and dairy-free menus. Besides the delicious coffees and food this coffee shop has to offer, the best part about Thinking Cup is the environment. The space in the coffee shop itself provides an edgy, yet comfortable atmosphere that allows customers to relax and hang out after getting their perfect cup of coffee.

    The downside to the Thinking Cup is that the prices tend to verge on the expensive side. However, for a truly quality cup of coffee and tasty treat, it may just be worth paying a little extra.

    3. Barrington Coffee Roasting Company in Seaport


    The Barrington Coffee Roasting Company in Boston, MA sells some of the best coffee in the city. Located in the Seaport District, this coffee shop sells a wide variety of global coffee brews that can be bought by-the-cup or to be brewed at home. When ordering in the shop, the coffee is brewed on-the-spot, making it extremely fresh and flavorful. Additionally, Barrington Coffee Roasting Company provides “Flavor Navigator” diagrams to show customers what each brew is made up of in regards to taste, as well as “Cupping Classes” that allow customers to learn how to brew, cup, and evaluate coffee quality. Ultimately, Barrington Brewing Company provides customers not only with quality coffee, but also the opportunity to learn how to create and identify quality coffee themselves.

    The downside to the Barrington Coffee Roasting Company is that despite the delicious taste of every cup, the café itself lacks seating and comfort. There are only tall bar stools available to sit in, and they are not the most comfortable nor cozy places to sit and enjoy a delicious brew.

    2. Boston Common Coffee Co. in the North End


    Boston Common Coffee Co. is a staple of Boston itself. A locally-owned roaster, retailer, and bakery, this coffee shop boasts various coffee blends from around the world that can be purchased in an on-the-go, by-the-cup manner, or through wholesale. Boston Common Coffee Co. does not stop at just coffee, though. The café menu also features breakfast, lunch, and dinner food options, ranging from bagels and fruit cups to sandwiches and salads. Cold Brew Kegs are also available for purchase and can be brought to offices or events. These kegs provide cold-brew coffee to consumers in 100% recyclable kegs, so not only do these kegs please the tastebuds, but they also help save the planet. As for the atmosphere of Boston Common Coffee Co., this coffee shop provides a spacious space to relax and hang out while enjoying delicious coffee and food.

    The downside to the Boston Common Coffee Co. is that service tends to be slow, making it hard to grab a coffee if you are in a rush.

    1. Cuppacoffee in the West End


    The best coffee shop in Boston just so happens to come from Down Under. Cuppacoffee, an Australian coffee shop, boasts a variety of coffee options. The most notable aspect of this coffee shop is the Cuppacoffee Espresso bar, which features both light and dark roast brewing options that can be used in lattes, cappuccinos, or other various coffee creations. Also offered on the menu are drip coffee options, iced coffee and teas, “Xtras,” such are creamer and flavor shots, and non-coffee beverages such as orange juice and bottled water. Cuppacoffee also sells the “Great Aussie Pie,” a take on meat pie, which is popular in Australia.

    The downside to Cuppacoffee is that it is a very small shop. While perfect for individuals or on-the-go orders, it is hard for many groups of people to go to Cuppacoffee and sit and relax in the shop.

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