Top 5 Furniture Stores in Boston

    Real Estate is all about finding the perfect property for any buyer. But what happens after you find that place to call home and have nothing to fill it with? At Goodrich Residential, we strive to not only help you find the perfect place to live, but also how to make that place feel like your own. That is why we have found the Top 5 furniture stores in Boston to help make your new home truly feel like it is yours through-and-through.

    5. The Boston Bed Company


    The Boston Bed Company is the epitome of a Boston-based furniture store. With mattresses made locally in Massachusetts and beautiful bedroom furniture ranging from bed frames to dressers to futons, Boston Bed provides both comfort and local appeal. This store also boasts low prices for great quality, free delivery for online purchases, amazing customer service, and the option to have custom orders. Boston Bed can even “make a custom sized mattress to fit that special antique bed that belonged to Grandma.” So, if you are in need of great bedroom furniture for your new apartment, this is the place to shop!

    4. Montage


    If you are looking for New England’s premier modern furniture store to make your home feel sleek and upscale, Montage is the place for you. A third-generation, family-run company, this store features a wide selection of modern furnishings and decor from a plethora of contemporary furniture manufacturers, as well as works made by talented, new furniture designers. Winner of the Best of Boston 2016 award for Best Italian-Modern Furnishings, Montage continues to strive to maintain the goal it set for itself 50 years ago when it first opened: to “offer the highest possible level of products and service that are available in the design world.” So, if you are looking to make your home feel contemporary and modern, this is the place for you.

    3. Room & Board


    It’s good to have lots of options, especially when it comes to furnishing a new space. At Room & Board, the options are infinite with approximately 39,000 sq. ft. of design inspiration for every room on five floors of the historic Sherman Building, located on Newbury Street. Bedrooms, living rooms, patios, linens, rugs, decor – Room & Board makes it all available to you in one beautiful location organized to perfection. If contemporary, modern furniture is what you seek for your home, Room & Board – awarded Best American-Modern Furnishings of 2016 by Best of Boston – is where you should shop to make your space truly your own!

    2. Hudson


    Not everyone fits into a particular style category, and that is totally ok! That is why Hudson is one of the best furniture shops Boston has to offer. It boasts an eclectic array of styles – from traditional to country to vintage to modern – that allow anyone to find a piece that is perfectly them. Hudson is the ideal place to shop if you have no idea what you want in your new apartment, or if you want something truly unique for your home, whether it is furniture, an accent piece, or something as simple as a throw pillow.

    1. Circle Furniture


    Coming out on top is the one and only Circle Furniture. A Massachusetts-based company, Circle Furniture features an eclectic mix of both modern-contemporary and traditional furnishings that fit any home. Made-to-order items are also available and a staple of this company, with thousands of upholstery options to choose from. So, if you desire quality furniture for you new apartment that can be customized to perfectly fit your personality and style preferences, Circle Furniture is the store for you! Delivery time is notably fast, as well, so once you find what you like, you won’t have to wait long to get it. What gets better than that?

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