Top 5 Hot Cocoa Places in Boston

    Winter is coming – New England Winter. That means snow, that means ice, that means chills and flurries and everything in between. There is nothing better way to warm up those cold days a than a cup of hot chocolate, so we here at Goodrich Residential have tracked down the Top 5 Hot Cocoa Places in Boston. Check them out below:

    5. Thinking Cup


    The Thinking Cup is known for its delicious coffee, but they also make a mean cup of hot chocolate. It isn’t your typical hot cocoa, though. The Thinking Cup menu features its French Hot Chocolate, made with 64% Tainori Valhrona Drinking Chocolate. So, if you want a flavorful, rich, indulgent cup of hot cocoa, Thinking Cup is the place for you!

    4. Tatte Bakery & Cafe

    bakery-front screen-shot-2015-12-06-at-10-02-15-pm-785x1024

    Tatte Bakery & Cafe is known for its tasty treats and baked goods, but this sweet shop also makes a fantastic cup of cocoa. By pouring steamed milk over chocolate morsels and hand-mixing the drink into a perfect chocolatey consistency, Tatte hot cocoas are flavorful, warm, and delicious no matter what the weather. Tatte has many locations throughout Cambridge, Brookline, and Boston, so you’ll never have to trek too far in the snow for a sip of Tatte hot chocolate.

    3. L. A. Burdick Chocolate Shop and Cafe


    If you want a classic cup of hot cocoa, L. A. Burdick is the place for you. Or, if you are looking for something with a unique flavor, L. A. Burdick can still please your taste buds. With dark, milk, and white hot chocolate options along with special flavors such as Peppermint or Mocha, L. A. Burdick has the perfect hot cocoa for everyone.

    2. Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar

    11/14/11, 12:57:58 PM -- Roxbury, MA Max Brenner on Boylston Street November 16, 2011. Photo by Cydney Scott for Boston University Photography o-41

    Max Brenner knows all there is to know about chocolate, so it’s no surpirse that their hot chocolate offerings are some of the best in Boston. The menu features eight different hot chocolate options with a variety of flavors ranging from classic to spicy to extra sweet. Customers can also choose for their chocolate base to be dark, milk, or white chocolate, and all hot cocoas come in a special Hug Mug that “is shaped to be hugged in both hands to create the ultimate drinking experience of coziness, warmth and fragrance.


    1. The Taza Chocolate Bar

    o-1 hot-chocolate-taza-chocolate-bar_1024x1024

    Maybe you hate labels. Maybe you don’t like being typical. Maybe you like to think outside of the box and own your unique individualism. If so, The Taza Chocolate Bar is for you. With completely customizable hot cocoa options, you can’t ever go wrong. Every cup of hot cocoa you get at this shop will be everything you wish it to be. What gets better than that?

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