Top 5 Juice Bars in Boston

    Real estate is all about finding the perfect property for each individual client. However, if you are going to live in Boston, we here at Goodrich Residential aren’t going to stop our services at finding you the perfect home; we are going to find you the best juice place, as well. In fact, here are the Top 5 Juice places Boston currently has to offer:

    #5: Squeeze Juice Company located throughout Boston


    Squeeze Juice Company not only has a widespread menu selection, but it also has many locations throughout the Boston area. Including an array of juice, smoothie, acai bowls, and energy shot options, Squeeze Juice Company fosters a large menu with many healthy, tasty options. Squeeze Juice Co. also offers delivery options at its Franklin Street, Dartmouth Street, and Chestnut Hill locations.

    Although a wide selection of menu options, Squeeze Juice Co. does not offer many food options beyond acai bowls, as do other juice bars in Boston. Additionally, with Squeeze Juice Co.’s expansion into various location throughout the Great Boston Area, this company is beginning to have more of a chain-restaurant feel as opposed to a single juice bar.

    #4: The Juice Box in South Boston


    The Juice Box is unique to Southie. With a vegan and gluten-free menu featuring a wide variety of options, including fresh juices, smoothies, fruit bowls (acai and pitaya), coffee, tea, juice shots, cleanses, and healthy snacks, The Juice Box has options for whatever flavor you are feeling. Additonally, menu options and cleanses are very reasonably priced, so cost is not an issue at this juice bar, and the juice bar itself is very cutesy and aesthetically pleasing.

    Although fostering a wide selection of menu options with reasonable prices, the products from The Juice Box have been reported to sometimes be icy and lacking flavor.

    #3: Thirst Juice Co. at Downtown Crossing


    Thirst Juice Co. boasts a strong juice bar experience, as well as many tasty menu options. From the typical juice bar selections such as juices, smoothies, boosts and energy shots to acai bowls, soups, and other menu items including oatmeal, coffee, tea, and snacks, Thirst Juice Co. offers a wide selection of menu options for customers to taste. Additionally, all of the products available at Thirst Juice Co. are raw, vegan, and gluten free, making them edible and accessible to a wide demographic.

    Although featuring a large selection of menu options, Thirst Juice Co. products are a bit pricey, and there is not a “create your own” smoothie or juice option. Additionally, the acai bowls tend to be on the icier side, giving them more of a juice/smoothie consistency.

    #2: Cocobeet in Boston’s Financial District


    Cocobeet is another one of Boston’s best juice bars. Priding itself on being a healthy lifestyle choice, this juice bar provides customers with the opportunity to take part in orange juice and pure-food cleanses. Cocobeet’s mission is to “enable the well being of the Boston community by creating convenient options for truly healthy, pure food” (

    Cocobeet utilizes unprocessed, GMO-free, organic and locally sources ingredients that are used in food and smoothies crafted on-site daily. Raw, vegan, and gluten-free options are available, and Cocobeet fosters a grab-and-go format. Cocobeet also now delivers throughout Boston, a bonus for days you cannot make it to the actual juice bar itself.

    Cocobeet offers a strong selection of healthy drinks and foods; however, it lacks a sense of hospitality. With its grab-and-go format, customers do not have the opportunity to dine at Cocobeet as they can at other juice bars.

    #1: The Juicery in Boston’s North End

    The Juicery in Boston’s North End boasts an abundance of healthy menu options, ranging from juices to smoothies to a selection of food options. Organic, all-natural, and positively delicious, The Juicery not only fosters an expansive menu with signature smoothie and juice options, but also provides customers with the ability to create their own juice or smoothie of their liking. With flavors ranging from a mix of berries, citruses, herbs, and even chocolate and peanut butter, The Juicery hosts a wide variety of options for customers.

    Also included in The Juicery menu are natural supplements and energy shots that can be added into any drink, as well as an acai bowl – a salad-like smoothie bowl including natural, non-concentrate acai, fresh banana, peanut butter, granola, coconut, cacao, and almond milk. The Juicery also has two locations in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and one in Durham, New Hampshire. So, should you ever be spending a weekend away from the big city life in the NH region, you can still find your favorite Juicery concoction.

    While The Juicery offers a large selection of smoothie, juice, and food options; the one downfall to this juice bar is that it lacks in the interior design department. With such a strong focus on its products, The Juicery does not offer itself as much of an aesthetically pleasing environment.






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