Beacon Hill Real Estate

    Beacon Hill is one of the oldest and most historical neighborhoods in Boston. Located just north of Boston Common, Beacon Hill is home to the capitol of Massachusetts. It is one of the most sought after neighborhoods to live in and has a great mixture of families, students, and young professionals. This is because Beacon Hill condos are built to accommodate all sorts of lifestyles. There are large duplexes with yards or decks, perfect for families with children and pets. Then there are the studio or small two bedroom apartments, which are ideal for young adults looking to start their life in the city. Beacon Hill condos offer a wide range of living options, which is why they are so popular in the Boston real estate market.

    Glamorous residences are hidden by tiny cottage doors of assorted colors which almost appear slanted as they rest upon the neighborhood’s drastic slop. A majority of the streets are one way and very narrow, while the sidewalks are often composed of bricks. These characteristics make the Beacon Hill neighborhood more like a small European village tucked away within its opposing metropolis. Common architectural style is the federal-style rowhouse. This is slightly different than its predecessor, the Victorian Brownstone, which can be seen in the South End and Back Bay. Charles Street is one of the main attractions of Beacon Hill, and houses many restaurants and antique shops, which only add to the charm of the neighborhood. Attention to detail and character is what makes Beacon Hill so incredibly special.