Brookline Real Estate

    Brookline is a suburban town on the western edge of Boston and east of Newtown. The northern area is considerably urban, highly walkable and easily accesible to public transportation. Although close to Boston, Brookline has managed to maintain its own identity with a mix of urban and suburban living, and offers a city atmosphere as well as a feeling of being in the country. Brookline real estate is always growing, and although the city is predominately residential it has become more open to commercial development over the years.

    Brookline has many upscale shops, local parks, apartment buildings, and large estates. Some notable Brookline real estate includes the nations oldest country club, a town golf course, a park on a hillside overlooking the city of Boston, and an open-air skating rink. Its major retail centers offer pedestrian oriented shopping centers with various stores, malls, and restaurants. Brookline also has its own working farm and numerous neighborhood parks scattered throughout the town.

    Home to several colleges, private schools, and public libraries, Brookline has much to offer as a liberal and diverse city. Brookline real estate includes residential homes and apartments with a city atmosphere, and the city is typically regarded as a wealthier suburb of Boston.