Cambridge Real Estate

    Cambridge is the city directly to the North of Boston. It is separated from Boston by the Charles River but is close enough to commute to-and-from the city. Cambridge real estate is among the most popular in greater Boston, especially due to its location. The red-line train is the main public transportation avenue between Boston and Cambridge.

    Cambridge is well-known for its educational institutions, hosting some of the finest young minds in the world. This could be why Cambridge is different from the surrounding neighborhoods and towns. Notorious as one of the most liberal cities in America there is an an eccentric mix of hipsters, professors, entrepreneurs, and families.

    Cambridge neighborhoods are generally categorized as follows:

    Kendall Square is located on the other side of the Longfellow Bridge and the first stop on the red-line at the junction of Broadway, Main, and Third Street. This area is known to be a major technology and pharmaceutical headquarters. Most of the larger office and residential buildings reside in Kendall Square, which prides some of the best panoramic views of Boston. If you are looking to live here, you will most likely be in a high rise or loft-like building. Living expenses are a little more costly in Kendall Square, but you also tend to have the best amenities and live in a modern atmosphere.

    Central Square is the second stop on the red-line from Boston at the junction of Massachusetts Avenue, Prospect Street, and Western Avenue. It has become a very desirable place to live due to the popularity of some great restaurants and bars as well as the proximity to MIT, Harvard, and downtown Boston. It might also be a little bit easier to find a great deal in this neighborhood while still being in a great location.

    Harvard Square is thought of as the center of Cambridge at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue, Brattle, and JFK Street. This neighborhood is known for its great restaurants, shopping, bars, live music, and of course Harvard Yard. It is easy to access from Boston and on the red-line’s 3rd stop.

    Inman Square is located at the intersection of Hampshire and Cambridge Street. This area is mostly residential and has many interesting nook and cranny type bars and restaurants. This neighborhood shows the true colors of Cambridge as it is truly a hip scene.

    East Cambridge is typically one of the more economical options for living expenses. East Cambridge is just north of Kendall Square and includes Lechmere Station, which is the primary mode of transit into Boston. Most of the six square blocks of East Cambridge are lined with townhouses, yet recently many factories and office buildings have been converted into residential living.

    Cambridgeport is the area to the west of Massachusetts Avenue and South of River Street, all the way down to the Charles River. It consists of a predominantly residential homes, MIT Campus, and new apartment buildings. The area is full of young professionals and students.

    West Cambridge is the area located to the Northwest of Harvard Square and South of Somerville. Some of the nicest homes reside in this area as it is also known as a very affluent part of Cambridge and home to many families and professors.