Central Square Real Estate

    Central Square is a very historic area of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Widely known for its variety in ethnic restaurants, churches, nightlife, and live music and theatre venues. Central Square real estate is very popular due to it’s close proximity to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which makes it a hot spot for up and coming companies. Several neighborhoods meet at Central Square, including Area 4, Cambridgeport, and Mid-Cambridge. Central Station located in Central Square makes it very easy to travel into the city on the red line.

    Central Square is known for its wide variety of ethnic restaurants, churches, bars, and live music venues. Its proximity to MIT has created a movement of research and office operations to the city, including many videogame and internet companies. The area is gentrifying rapidly, and a number of high-end restaurants have opened in recent years. There is also a diverse array of houses of worship and large historic congregations meeting near the square.

    Central Square real estate serves as the commercial center for the  surrounding neighborhoods of Cambridgeport, Mid Cambridge, Area 4, Riverside, and MIT.With great shops and interesting restaurants, Central Square is filled with bustling energy and new adventures.