Charlestown Real Estate

    Charlestown is a lovely neighborhood just to the north of the North End and West End. It is accessible to Boston by a footbridge to-and-from the North End. There are always great Charlestown MA Condos for sale. It has a rich Revolutionary War History with one of the famed New England battles against the British taking place on Bunker Hill. Members of the Mother’s Club roll their strollers up and down the hills of the picturesque, old-world neighborhood while many locals carry a great sense of integrity and long-standing partiality when it comes to their hometown. Charleston may be small but it packs a big punch.

    Charlestown contains several points of historical interest, including the USS Constitution which is docked in the Charlestown Navy Yard, as well as the Bunker Hill Monument. With a mix of upper-middle and middle-class residence, the neighborhood has also maintained its predominant Irish working class demographic that has driven Charlestown’s culture over the years.

    Located on a peninsula north of the Charles River, across form Downtown Boston, Charlestown also adjoins the Mystic River and Boston Harbor.

    Distinctive areas include:

    City Square
    Gaslit District / Navy Yard
    Monument Square
    Thompson Square