Harvard Square Real Estate

    The historic center of Cambridge, Harvard Square, sits adjacent to the Harvard Yard, and Harvard University. Not only just a commercial center, it also refers to the entire neighborhood surrounding this intersection for several blocks in each direction. “The Square” as it is sometimes called by the locals boasts gorgeous brick buildings and a beautiful environment all around. The nearby Cambridge Common has become a park area with a playground, baseball field, and a number of monuments, several relating to the Revolutionary War. Harvard Square real estate is sought after by all kinds of people, from the old Bostonian to the new graduate student.

    Because of its amazing location and beautiful surroundings, this area of Boston is often used to shoot feature films. Many people may recognize Harvard Square as the backdrop for a number of popular movies, such asGoodwill HuntingThe Town, and The Social Network. And it is not only a great location for filming, but is ideal for local transportation as well. The residents of this neighborhood use the Harvard station, a major MBTA Red Line subway and bus transportation hub. On an average afternoon in Harvard Square you’ll hear earnest conversations in dozens of foreign languages and see every kind of youthful scene from goth to prep. This is what makes Harvard Square real estate so uniquely awesome.