Mission Hill Real Estate

    Mission Hill is located just west of Boston Proper and very close to Longwood Medical, Beth Israel Hospital, WIT, Harvard Medical School, and Northeastern University. It has public transportation surrounding the entirety of the hill with easy access to-and-from downtown. Northeastern apartments are available for students, with single family houses and condominiums in the area as well.

    The sense of open space is what people enjoy about Mission Hill. It is easy to park and there is plenty of greenery including a few baseball fields, public courts, and a soccer field. The cost of living tends to drop off and the amount of living space will drastically expand. Most of the residential buildings are three or four floor multi-family townhouses, also known as a “triple decker”. The culture is a very student friendly neighborhood with many Northeastern apartments for rent coming available in January of each year for the 10 or so nearby colleges surrounding the hill.

    Parker Hill Avenue divides the neighborhood in half, running right up through the top of the hill. Anything east of Parker Hill Ave will have a great view of the city. At the bottom of the hill there is Brigham Circle which serves as the downtown area of the neighborhood with many shops, bars, and restaurants, which can all be found near the northeastern apartments.