North End Real Estate

    The North End is regarded to be the “Little Italy” of the city with plentiful amounts of home-cooked Italian restaurants, authentic Gelato shops, and renowned bakeries. Located in the northeast corner of Boston, the North End is the oldest community in the city. Its rich history is exemplified through everyday life, and a resident can find comfort in the fact that change is a rarity around these parts. Generational Italians still sit on stoops speaking their native language. Joyous and festive parades are a Sunday ritual, while local children gather around a projected movie at the park eating their Regina Pizza, a meal that was infamously founded here in 1926. The North End condos and apartments are ideal for both adults who are looking to immerse themselves in the culture of the neighborhood as well as college students who are simply searching for an affordable area to live in.

    The architecture in the area varies throughout the neighborhood, but generally the most common is a 20th century row house style. Because of the city’s zoning regulations, reconstruction and new development in this historic area is kept to a minimum. The North End has an eclectic mix of students, young professionals, and life-long residents, but it is mostly noted as one of the younger areas in Boston. Hanover Street is one of the main attractions, and is lined with cafes, businesses, and Italian restaurants. It is conveniently located, with Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall close by, and this draws in tourists for shopping and entertainment. Generally you can find the North End real estate to be slightly cheaper than nearby neighborhoods, however the current demand for this neighborhood is on the rise. The T-Stops at Haymarket and North Station are in walking distance, making it easy to commute to other areas of Boston.