South End Real Estate

    The South End is located just to the south of Back Bay divided by the southwest corridor. Similar to Back Bay, a Victorian style brownstone is the favored architectural landscape in South End real estate, however this neighborhood is best known for its rich diversity, not only through various cultural backgrounds, but also through cuisine, art, and music. Food is definitely an attraction here in the South End with multiple wine bars, cheese specialty shops, and swanky restaurants from around the globe.

    South End real estate is built mostly of mid-nineteenth century bowfronts—aesthetically uniform rows of five-story, predominantly red-brick structures, of mixed residential and commercial uses. A series of eleven residential parks are located across the South End, and many of the parks have a central fountain and are bordered with cast iron fencing. The South End has a growing retail presence, much of it aimed primarily at upper-middle class shoppers.

    Although a fairly large area, the South End is quaint in a sense that on these tree-lined, lantern-lit streets walk people of assorted lifestyles and means of expression. They walk as neighbors among dog parks, community gardens, and art galleries, making the South End, and South End real estate one of the most interesting and appealing places to live in Boston.