West End Real Estate

    The West End name suggests that this neighborhood should be in the west part of the city but it’s actually more eastern and northern in terms of the city’s terrain. The West End is located to the west of the North End and just to the north of Beacon Hill. It is home to North Station, TD Bank Garden (Celtics & Bruins), and Mass General Hospital (MGH). West End Condos have been built primarily in the residential areas as well as upscale high rises.

    This neighborhood used to have the architectural characteristics comparable to the North End but was completely demolished in a controversial 1950′s urban renewal project which completely changed the landscape of the city.Today, the West End is a mixed-use commercial and residential area.

    Today it is high-rise West End condos dominating the skyline, as well as luxury apartments known as the West End Apartments; and commercial space, which is mostly owned by Mass General Hospital. It is a very modern neighborhood and is an extremely convenient place if you need to get in, out, and around the city. Relatively speaking the West End is also a very economical option for its prime location and abundance of square footage.